When I founded RoQua in 2007, I had a clear vision in my mind: really meeting a modern woman´s fashion needs!

But how did it all start?

At the beginning of my own corporate career, I was constantly looking for clothes that I like, suitable for everyday work but still fashionable. I was searching for clothes with the perfect balance between trendy and classic. Besides I wanted something made of sustainable high end fabrics that would also be comfortable and would make me feel good. Unfortunately, nothing in themarket would satisfy my demands.

Out of a sudden, I had the idea to become active myself! Then I remembered. As a young girl I always wanted to design fashion one day – so actually, why not now with business clothes? I could not only satisfy my own needs, but also provide my designs to other women who were also looking for that perfect office look!

I instantly took action. As a result….RoQua was born!

First, I wanted to define my style: custom cuts, clear designs, high quality fabrics and excellent workmanship „Made in Germany“. By coincidence, or some might call it fate, I met a young designer, who would introduced me to the world of fashion. So far, I had never known the business side of fashion, I only had the customer’s perspective.

So I started to learn about this fascinating creative world. I learned a lot about manufacturing, cuts, fabrics and of course about the entire process from the first idea to the finished product. I felt overwhelmed and very inspired in my new role as a fashion entrepreneur. I wanted to know, see and touch as much as I could. That’s when I knew I had found my inner calling!

After having found my different partners and having manufactured my first collection, I opened my own store so that I got to know my customers first hand. I saw their needs and watched their reactions towards the designs and the fitting of my collection.


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Over time, more and more customers asked for specific color choices or individual fabrics. As our aim was to satisfy the needs of our customers, we made the first special orders. The customers were delighted and happy about their individual pieces, which exactly fit to their style and to their wardrobe.

This service got a success and RoQua’s “made to order” was born!

And here we are now – specialising and digitalising our new philosophy “Tailor Your Story” with our new online shop.

The blog will not only give inspiration and tips about fashion. We will also write about diverse topics a businesswoman might be interested to know about. Feedback and topic requests are always more than welcome! Finally, that’s what RoQua is all about: meeting your needs!

I very much hope that you like the new online shop. Enjoy tailoring your story!



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